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Sush and her artwork Leaving Home, The Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA

Sush and her artwork Leaving Home, The Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA

Born in India, I grew up in Bombay and got my BFA from Sir. J. J. Institute of Applied Art. I worked in advertising and design for almost 10 yrs before I moved to the United States.

Art, Stories, Community

In 2005, I started writing stories about my childhood in India to show my American-born son how different yet wonderful lives can be. I folded paper to look like my grandmother’s house, wrapped a story about my father in his own handkerchief, and put a homework assignment inside a matchbox. I was amazed at all the different ways I could express myself and how much fun my son had reading these stories! In 2007 I launched Handmade Storybooks, my multi-cultural artists books. I also started teaching bookmaking and story writing at local museums, libraries, and schools.

In Oct 2012 I had my first solo show at Glen Echo Park’s Popcorn Gallery and I was amazed at people’s response to my work. Children and adults shared their stories with me and so many visitors wanted to learn to do what I do. So I decided to open a studio where they could. I opened Studio Pause in Sept 2013.

I paint pictures and create handmade storybooks to encourage people to explore how art and writing helps us build bridges between our diverse lives. What will you create using  a piece of fabric from your life? How will you be inspired by the idea of Black/White/Gray? What kind of poetry moves you? What will you learn from a journal full of art and stories done by your neighbors? Come, find out!

The daughter of an engineer father and a biographer mother, I grew up knowing relatives and places from far away through stories my parents told me. I have made many of them into Handmade Storybooks and sent them back to my parents who are amazed that I remember these stories from so long ago.

Member, Children’s Book Guild of DC
Member, Arlington Artists Alliance


Sushmita with her book, Kairis copySushmita Mazumdar, is a Greater Washington DC area book artist, writer, and educator. She encourages children and adults to share their art and stories from their lives so people can get to know them better and understand the world they live in.

Her Handmade Storybooks have been sold at museums and art galleries in the region and she teaches book arts and story writing in local schools, museums, and art centers. She was in the Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2010 in Washington DC in the Asian Pacific American Program, Local Lives Global Ties and had the first solo show of her books and collages at the Popcorn Gallery, Glen Echo Park, MD, in 2012. Her art has also been shown at The Art League Gallery, the Gallery at Convergence, and the Alexandria Black History Museum in Alexandria, VA; at the Crossroads Gallery in Goodwin House, Falls Church, VA; and at Cassat’s and Ft. C.F. Smith in Arlington, VA.

After receiving a BFA in Applied Art from Bombay University (India), Sushmita worked as an art director in the advertising industry in Mumbai for 10 years. In 1999, she moved to the US and apart from doing advertising and design work, trained to be a docent with the Smithsonian’s Freer & Sackler Galleries of Art in Washington DC, where she gives tours till today. She is an assistant organizer of the Arlington Writer’s Group, a literacy specialist with the Children’s Book Guild, a member of the /1/”>Arlington Artist’s Alliance, and an alumni of Empowered Women International, an award-winning organization that trains immigrant women to be entrepreneurs and make their art into a business.



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