Ways to PAUSE

photo 5At the Studio we PAUSE to explore materials and techniques, play with ideas and stories, and share things from our lives that we love. That was the plan. But over Year One I saw how guests came often, shared, grew, and formed a community! They came throughout the year—snow or sunny weather—to write, make art, discuss ideas, hear about my projects in the community, and join in. They encouraged artists and writers who spoke or presented at the Studio by buying their art and books. They even offered to participate in a fundraiser to raise a scholarship for a woman to train to be an entrepreneur at EWI and sponsor projects I did in neighborhood schools. Since then, we have come a long way…

PAUSE Sessions
Take a WritingPAUSE, ArtPAUSE, or one of the many others we come up with as needed, where you explore writing memoirs, share stories from other cultures, write poems, make collage, play with paint etc. Have you ever been in a protest? Is there a word in some language that intrigues you? What stories from your childhood will you tell your children? What does it feel like to paint with black ink? How about a collage landscape? How does one draw straight lines freehand? You can buy now and use anytime!

PAUSE options

To Use: You can use four PAUSES in one day, say, if you bring the family in for a TogetherPAUSE. You can use 2 PAUSES at once when you bring in your date for a WritingPAUSE. You can take a PAUSE once every week or once a month exploring  different kinds of PAUSE sessions. You can give it to your sister or lend it to your boss—feel free to share!

Receptions & CommunityPAUSE are free gatherings where I invite everyday people to share how they experience art, stories, or community. One federal agent shows his powerful photography, a jazz musician shares his memoir of life as a civil rights lawyer, a full-time mom of teenagers helps us explore rhythm and all sorts of dance, and American writers write inspired by the photographs of a Palestinian photographer.

For a list of PAUSE Sessions, receptions, and CommuntiyPAUSEs, check out our PAUSE Calendar here.


I decided that for Year Two, I will offer memberships to those who came often and created the physical community, and to those who can’t come often but like the idea of doing something here. If you don’t want to join no problem—you can enjoy the Studio as you do right now.

Promise of PAUSE Membership: $25/mo. To the amazing PAUSErs who came often, wrote, made art, attended events, and helped me create community, I offer the Promise of PAUSE Membership. A monthly membership in which you Promise yourself at least ONE PAUSE session a month—be it a reception, a Writing PAUSE, the Mic-Less Night, or an Art PAUSE. But of course, you can also come to as many as you like—no extra fee! If you are interested in becoming a member, come check us out 🙂

Wild PAUSE: $75/year For those who don’t want a monthly anything, but want to do crazy wild things but don’t know what it might be and when they will have the time for it, we have the Wild PAUSE. It has a one-time fee, which can be used as an advance for various things at any time in the year, like an advance to host an event at Studio PAUSE, an advance towards buying a work of art displayed at the Studio, or to sponsor a community project/s of your liking at or by Studio PAUSE.

I also offer memberships for Families (Gift of PAUSE) and to organizations or companies to have their staff, volunteers, even clients come to PAUSE once a month. Please email me for details.




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