Baked Clay/Endless Sky: Celebrating 5 Years of Pause

 Center Gallery, Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington4444 Arlington Blvd., Arlington, Virginia Reception and Readings, Sun, Apr 15, 4-6 pm

Show: April 15-June 2, 2018

Five years ago, a small space in South Arlington, Studio Pause, became a refuge and place of celebration for anyone who wanted to explore and share their art and stories. Over the years writers, researchers, storytellers, students, lawyers, moms, and visual artists have gathered regularly to make time for creativity and to build community. They listen, ask questions, learn, and encourage. The studio has since moved to the Gates of Ballston community, a couple miles away; nevertheless, the PAUSErs remain inspired… by the Studio’s wall colors in particular: Baked Clay, a rich, warm orangey-brown, and Endless Sky, a lovely, light, expansive blue. 

In this show, I invite PAUSErs to explore what those two colors and the Studio means to them. As founder Sushmita Mazumdar says, “We are all creative. We just don’t have the time to explore how we can share our stories. And we don’t think anyone will care. But what happens if we CAN make the time and people DO care? What do we learn about our community then?”

~ Carson Herrington, curator. 

Artworks, clockwise, by Mary Louise Marino, Rubén Villalta, Sushmita Mazumdar, and Kara Billings.

GoFundMe Campaign: Sughra Goes to MICA! We launched a fundraiser for Studio member Sughra Hussainy who got into MICA’s Community Art MFA program. Proceeds from the sale of my 3 paintings in the show go to this fund and so thrilled that one is sold! Sughra’s painting sold too. Hooray! Two more paintings to go so if you like them (see below) please let me know! And Sughra has more paintings too so email me if you’d like to buy one.

What You Seek is Seeking You (Rumi)
Sughra Hussainy
Opaque watercolor and gold on paper with Persian calligraphy in ink SOLD

From One to Many: Collaboration with Myself from 5 Years Ago by Sushmita Mazumdar, Mixed media on canvas SOLD



Imagining Spring: Collaboration with Three Teens by Sushmita Mazumdar, Mixed media on canvas. $450.00

Doors and Windows: Collaboration with a Stranger by Sushmita Mazumdar, Mixed media on canvas, $600.00

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