Thanks to You I’m on my Way…

Thanks to you, I am on my way The opening of my new art studio, Studio PAUSE, is one day away, and as I get it ready for the public, I can’t forget the wonderful people who made all this happen who will not be there to see the ribbon being cut. The wonderful people from all over the world who loved and supported my idea, sent me encouragement and suggestions, and above all trusted me with their money—the amazing lenders of Kiva Zip.

I wanted to thank you all with a small work of art which I wish I could mail to each of you but I am instead putting it here digitally. It’s an adaptation of the collage I created for the cover of one of my early storybooks, Haathi (elephant, in the Hindi language.) The story is about a Big City Girl who visits a forest reserve in Gorumara National Park, in the state of W. Bengal, India, and sees her first wild elephant towering over their little red car.

Every time I have taken this storybook to a classroom, held it up, and asked the kids what they think the story might be about, the answers have been great. “An adventure!” to some. “A drive through a dark and scary forest!” to others. “A story about the  jungle!” and even “The story of a brave red car!”

I feel like that brave red car today, on an adventure driving through a dark and scary forest of launching a business. But I feel brave because I am not in the car alone, though most people might just see me. I have the support of all the wonderful Kiva members from far and near. And I read their comments often—cut and pasted in to a Word doc stored on my hard drive. 🙂

For Kiva members who might be nearby please email me at and drop me a line. I’d love to see you at the opening tomorrow, 4-7 pm. Details at For everyone else, I will post pictures from tomorrow.

Thanks so much, and here I go…!

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