2 Years


When Kara isn’t writing she is busy drawing on the paper that covers the Studio tables.

By Studio Member Kara Billings

2 Years:
It’s been two years since I got a little postcard in the mail, with messy fonts and a cute woman’s face smiling at me. Two years since my husband said, “Why don’t you try this?”, and two years since I paused, trying to think of a reason to say no but couldn’t come up with one. Two years since I showed up at my first class, stomach flipping. Could I do this? Could I write in front of other people? Something tells me she’s going to make me read it aloud. Yep, she’s making me read it aloud. I can do this. I’ve talked in front of other people before.
Little by little, class by class, the studio inched into my life–like a soft, silvery, yet strong web taking form. It’s affected my life in ways big and small, noticed and missed. Like Kori, who finally shared her writing with her mother, I’ve shared art with my mom, a poem with my grandmother, and countless stories with friends and strangers in the community. These are things I never would have done without a little prodding, and a little push, from Sush.
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