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Memories & Experiences: National Book Festival, Aug 30, 2014

By Studio PAUSE regular Colleen Moore, Arlington, VA. I love the National Book Festival. It is a great way to connect with some of my favorite authors, see them speak, buy their books, and get autographs. As a budding writer myself,

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What? One Year Already?

Yes! It’s almost been a year that I started Studio PAUSE. The new lease forms are on my desk. There is one repayment left of my KIVA Zip microloan. The carpet is stained with pink paint and muddy footprints from

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The Need to Share our Stories

It was 2008 when I met Richard, an elderly gentleman who had seen my Handmade Storybooks at an exhibit in Alexandria, VA. He contacted me and told me his wife had told him a story and he had written it

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The Power of Everyone

The last week has amazed me. If any of you reading this have visited Studio PAUSE, you know exactly how tiny 400 sq. ft. is. Yet, events in the last week have proved that a small space is no excuse

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“Don’t Make it. Let it!”

It was Oct 2011 when I was walking down the main hallway of the Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria, VA. I had organized a seminar there the previous Friday and somebody had lost their computer cable. I was there

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Happy Year of the Horse!

Happy new year everybody! And no, I am not late at all—I wish everybody a happy Year of the Horse! 🙂 Leaving behind the old skins and transformations of the Year of the Snake, I really feel the Horse’s presence,

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Can One Word Tell a Story?

Today, people in India are celebrating the festival of Makar Sankranti, where, among other things, they will fly kites, just like my brother and his friends did when we were kids. I have an artwork, Kaipoché!, Story of a Word,

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She Built It, and They Came.

      By Guest Blogger Lisa Bogle. I’ve made myself believe I’m pretty cynical.  Most people who know me would probably describe me that way.  But it’s just a shield I wear.  So that when things don’t work out,

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Pause. Create. Two verbs. Too rare.

A blog post written for Studio Pause by Karen Leggett, author of Hands Around the Library. There is nothing commendable at all about the federal shutdown – too many lives and projects have been left hanging. But I did take

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What Will You Find on Monday Mornings?

This week was our second Monday Morning Calm ArtPAUSE Session and I had one person stop by. Last week there were two people. Have you ever been in a half-hour, one-on-one art session? The first Monday, we explored the art

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