We PAUSED! – 2nd Edition!!

SUPPORT THE PROJECT as we Create a A LIMITED Second Edition of We PAUSED!

The first edition of the book We PAUSED! – A Handmade Book by Studio PAUSE for Gates of Ballston is done. We have already made and delivered 460 copies to the residents of Gates of Ballston community free of charge!

I made a time-lapse video of me making the last copy of #wepaused today at the studio. It doesn’t include folding the map cover though. Hmm. Maybe I’ll make a full one another time… Enjoy! ~ Sushmita Mazumdar

But so much has happened since then that we had to create the second edition in Spring 2022 and share it all with you. 

We got an award!

We are making the book into an art exhibit!

We have responses from residents!

So, we decided to add this material and put it into a new pocket in the book We PAUSED! With a band that wraps around the book we keep the book’s original design intact yet announce the second edition. This is the version available to people who want a copy to learn more about the project.

JOIN US! We hope you will join us in this exciting extension of the project. Your support will be rewarded with thank you gifts and copies of the book itself. This event is good till the 150 books we are giving away have been claimed. They will be hand-made and shipped out by the end of June 2022.

Copies of the second edition will also be available at the exhibit We PAUSED! Unbound, opening June 2022 in Arlington, VA.

  • $25 – Love to Support the Project! For your support of $25 we will send you a thank you artwork from the book (no book included).
  • $50 – A Surprise Thank You gift plus the Book For your support of $50 we will send you a surprise thank you gift which connects to the book PLUS a copy of We PAUSED!-The Second Edition
  • $75 – Bookmaking with Sushmita at the Studio For your generous support of $75 we invite you to the Studio to do bookmaking with Sushmita and learn to make your own copy of We PAUSED! -The Second Edition. There might be others here so you can experience the community or if its just Sush at the Studio, you get a one-on-one session with her.
  • $100 – 4 Sessions of Writing Pause (hybrid): Join us for our signature Writing PAUSE series, except with your own copy of the We PAUSED! book to work through. There are 28 prompts throughout and we will read and respond as a group so you get a flavor of how we have been doing Writing PAUSE since we opened 9 years ago. Meet other PAUSErs too! Dates and times to be determined–you will be able to pick from a weekday evening or a Saturday.
  • $100 – 4 Sessions of Artful Mind Tranquil Mind with Sush (online): Join Sushmita in her one-hour online class which she created during the pandemic and has taught since 2020. It is featured in the book We PAUSED! A kit with a copy of the book We PAUSED! will be mailed to you so you don’t have to buy any materials for the class. Dates and times to be determined but typically a Friday—lunch time or end of day option.
  • Unbind Yourself from our Numbers!: Already have a copy of the book? Already took the class from Sush? Pick any amount you want and support the project in your own way. That is after all how we do things in the Studio—by doing it our way! Just email us the details. Thank you!
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