Week 2 of 4

Arlington Arts, May 10, 2020

The words they chose were LONGING, ENDLESS, BRIGHT, ACCEPTANCE and BROKEN. 

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1. LONGING, was submitted by Anna Connolly and rendered by artist Maribeth Egan. Maribeth wrote, “The heartstring-tugging word stretches across a background of two daisies clinging to one another. “LONGING” becomes the connecting string of a tin can communication device. The collage materials used for the tin cans come from the insides of envelopes, evoking the personal hand-written letter and bills coming due. Social distancing deprives us of human touch, but we can send our words across wires and strings.

2. ENDLESS was submitted by Bruce Manilla, and rendered by artist Kate Fleming. Kate wrote, “I paint on gessoed watercolor paper with a palette knife and use the tip of the palette knife to scrape into the wet paint (which can take up to two weeks to fully dry). This week, I scraped the word ENDLESS into a vast expanse of toilet paper.”
3. BRIGHT submitted by Cynthia Connolly and rendered by artist MasPaz. “I chose to use digital illustration and spray paint as my medium to represent our light within. Many times this light is ignored or denied. We hold it, it is always with us. Even through tough times, the light is always BRIGHT,” MasPaz
4. ACCEPTANCE was submitted by @SashaLord and rendered by artist Sushmita Mazumdar, who writes, “I just finished a painting related to the Root Chakra, one of the seven energy fields in yoga. The color is red, and the Sanskrit syllable is LAM. As I had picked Acceptance for this week, so looked it up as well. It was connected to the Heart Chakra, the color was green, the syllable was YAM. “Self-Acceptance is at the core of our desire to be the best person that we were meant to be,” the website said. I made a delicious green color. Then I tore, rolled and bunched up the tape from my red painting and applied it all to the bottom of the paper. I painted the bumpy area green. The rest I painted an even gorgeous green, like my freshly mowed lawn, lush with the spring rain. We had let it grow wild for the last 6 weeks! I wrote YAM in Sanskrit on the horizon line with wet graphite and made the dots with liquid gold paint. The bumps felt like suppressed feelings. Or like a lawn gone wild. Soon the tape started to uncurl in places exposing the red and white underneath! I wonder what it will look like tomorrow…
5. BROKEN was submitted by Erich B Heider, and rendered by artist David Amoroso.David writes, “‘Broken’ is the word that comes to mind when I think of where we are today. So much is broken now – our country, the government, our systems, and our well-being. At times, I think that physical pain would be more bearable. For that reason, I thought of Frida Kahlo. The drawing is based off a rare photograph.”

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