Week 4 of 4

Arlington Arts, May 24: This week the artists chose the words TRANS4MATION, Hunger, Constrained, Worried, and Binge. 

May 21: Today’s word TRANS4MATION was submitted by Rana Jaafar Yaseen and rendered by artist Sushmita Mazumdar. Sushmita writes:
“In the past weeks of this project, I always picked my word after the other 4 artists had picked theirs. But this time, in Week 4, a word jumped out at me! My friend Rana had said she would submit it, written in a unique way. The way I would translate it swirled in my head… then a color emerged.
At the Studio the magic began— 4 steps:
1. Paint (I wrote 4 using a pebble)
2. Graphite (I chose 9B water-soluble graphite and a dot of liquid gold paint)
3. Fold (into 4 equal parts horizontally and 4 vertically,) and 
4. Cut! 
And Trans4mation! The flat artwork becomes a book!”
Sushmita Mazumdar is a visual artist who has a studio in Buckingham and used mixed media, acrylic paint and water-soluble graphite in her work. Watch the video of the TRANS4MATION here!

May 22: One of today’s words is HUNGRY submitted by Anna Connolly and rendered by artist MasPaz. “I chose to use digital illustration as my medium to represent the many Americans turning to public assistance programs as they struggle from this pandemic fallout. These programs are designed to limit enrollment, rather than guarantee nutrition to families that are HUNGRY.” — MasPaz is a muralist, art educator and conservationist who lives in Arlington Ridge. Watch the video of his art making here!

May 22: One of today’s words is CONSTRAINED submitted by Jackie Afram and rendered by artist Kate Fleming. Kate writes: “This week I chose the word “constrained,” tying up the poor roll of TP until it was squeezed tight around the middle. I’ve had so much fun with this project and the absurdity of using a classical media like oil paint to make images of an item as ridiculous as toilet paper. There’s so much darkness in our world right now, and I feel compelled to document it, like many artists do. But I think my work can be absurd and light-hearted and still reflect this specific moment in time.” — Kate Fleming is a painter, printmaker, and installation artist living in Maywood (although she is usually on the road with @the50statesproject_). While in social isolation, Kate has been making oil paintings of toilet paper — a silly but suddenly valuable and much-discussed commodity.

May 23: Today’s word is WORRIED, was submitted by Bruce Manilla, and rendered by artist David Amoroso. David writes: “They say that ‘most of the things we worry about never happen.’ Well, this week I am ‘worried’ because something has happened. I chose another self-portrait because ‘worried’ is what and who I have become. I have returned to a colorless, gesture line drawing to capture the angst and energy that the word carries with it.
Why am I worried? I see friends struggling because they probably will not be able to work anytime soon – and those who are ‘fortunate’ to be called back to work will face significant risks to their health and well-being. I see people protesting the right to NOT wear a mask, when it is only a minor convenience that would save lives and slow the rate of infection. I see friends agonizing over each human interaction and wondering if they are infected now? I see a government that will most likely prevent people from voting by mail later this year. I see people with assault weapons in restaurants for no apparent reason. I see that we are not doing enough to protect and compensate the overworked and undervalued members of our society are now our heroes. I see some people who are not impacted much, while others are suffering terribly. I see businesses not able to open – and many that may never open again. I see canceled performances and exhibits, and I wonder how the arts will be in the future? I see that travel to other countries will be difficult for quite some time.
I am impressed by the resilience of many communities and the uplifting acts of generosity and kindness I have seen – but I am still worried. Although these acts have elevated my spirits, it is sometimes hard for me to maintain my optimism – and I remain worried. Moving forward, we will have to re-invent ourselves and the way we live our lives. I am worried.” — David Amoroso is a painter, printer, and photographer who lives in Douglas Park. David designed a mural that was painted by the visitors to the 2016 Columbia Pike Blues Festival. It is now on display at Arlington Mill Community Center.

May 24: Today’s word is BINGE submitted by Tina Henry-Barrus and rendered by artist Maribeth Egan. Maribeth writes: “Binge – (noun) – a short period devoted to indulging in an activity to excess.
This week’s collage began with a digital photo of excessive layers of stitching, a Dover Book of Op Art, and cherries… lots of Bing cherries.
What’s your binge?”
Watch Maribeth’s video here!

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