We PAUSED! Unbound – an Exhibit

We PAUSED! Unbound is a year-long exhibit in response to our project We PAUSED! A Handmade Book by Studio PAUSE for Gates of Ballston, which chronicles a year of the COVID-19 pandemic. When Arlington Arts invited us to turn the book into an exhibit, we decided to cut the strings that bound the book and re-imagine its contents in a new light, letting lines of poetry pulled from the book inspire four thematic installations. 

The exhibit continues Studio PAUSE’s work in creating a space for all voices and providing support for our social-emotional wellness while documenting how we as a community can connect even when we are isolated. Step into our unbound book and follow four unique journeys of creativity, connection, and community! There will be a reception and many programs scheduled for the year so stay tuned.

The Four Installations:

“The Water Still Churns”: June 2022-August 2022
The first installation finds the community navigating the outside world during a global pandemic and
an on-going struggle for racial justice.

“In My Mind’s Eye”: September 2022 – November 2022
The second installation shares our wishes and visions for a different or better world.

“I Lost Being Lost”: December 2022 – February 2023
The third installation finds our community trying to reconcile and make peace with things we cannot control.

“Arms Stretched Towards the Clouds”: March 2023 – May 2023
The fourth and final installation finds us reaching for connections with the things that ground us.

“We Paused” is a perfect example of how art can be integral to our daily life: not simply as entertainment, but as an important way to connect and strengthen community in uncertain times. As Arlington’s official arts agency, Arlington Arts was proud to support the project on the front end. Now, we look forward to expanding the reach even further by showcasing this powerful creative journey in an exhibit that can be experienced by a broad spectrum of the community.” ~ Arlington Arts